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Project Biography: Transit

After the release of "Arrivals" in 2003 I was not sure if I should go on with a new project or finish making music. I make it dependent of new ideas and enough money to finance the whole project.

My inspiration often comes from listening to great music but sometimes there are other sources, too. In this case the ideas came from new instruments and my nephew Kai Thomsen. Within one year we composed enough material for a new CD and so I was ready for the next project. After a short discussion with my partner in life, Susanne, we agreed on a budget and Susanne encouraged me to contact the musicians.

Drummers Wolfgang Haffner and Joel Rosenblatt were the first to listen and play to the new songs. Wolfgang suggested to ask Mitchel Forman to coordinate the sessions and so I send Mitchel the demos with Wolfgang and Joel´s drum tracks. Mitchel liked the new songs and agreed without hesitation to oversee the project. From this moment on nothing could go wrong anymore ! Besides being a great musician and a wonderful person he recorded musicians like Rick Braun, Ernie Watts, Brandon Fields, Walt Fowler, Judd Miller, Ernest Tibbs, Mike Miller and Dave Carpenter and he helped me to get in touch with Jimmy Haslip and Scott Henderson. Wow !

I also like to thank David Garfield and Ric Fierabracci for their great tracks on "Little Joe" and "Rizma " which they recorded on their own studios.

After all tracks had been recorded and sent to me I had the idea to give one song to Scott Kinsey who was a driving force on "Arrivals". He received a demo of Xpress which later became XPress (More than words Kin Sey). Scott got the full control over the song and arranged it like one of his own compositions. The result was something very special and after listening to the complete mixed song featuring great performances by Scott Henderson, Steve Tavaglione, Jimmy Earl, Kirk Covington and Brad Dutz the first idea that came to my mind was to safe the song for the next project. But will there be another one ? So the decision was made to put it on the new CD "Transit".

Starting in 2006 the songs were mixed by the great Bernd Steinwedel in Studio-Nord-Bremen. Thank you Bernd for your expertise and your friendship. It was a wonderful experience to mix and master the songs with you !

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